How to Reduce Your Medical Waste

Every year medical facilities just like yours waste thousands of dollars by placing non-hazardous waste, like paper, cardboard and food into their medical waste containers. (Click here to see our video.)
According to the non-profit healthcare membership organization Practice Greenhealth, medical facilities routinely throw 50-70% of their waste into the biohazardous waste stream, even though much of their waste is similar to the waste in non-medical office buildings.

The reason this practice wastes so much money is because it can cost up to 10 times as much to dispose of hazardous waste as it does solid waste.

Now chances are your medical waste disposal company hasn’t brought this to your attention because, let’s be honest…more waste from you means more money for them.
At Med Monkey we take a much different approach. We know that if we can help our customers reduce their medical waste and save money, they’ll appreciate our efforts and we’ll be able to retain them as customers for a long, long time.

That’s why we’re introducing our three-step medical waste reduction program. Here’s how it works:
First in Step 1: We help audit your medical waste stream to determine what percentage of your current waste is actually non-hazardous waste. Then we quantify your potential savings.

Industry guidelines suggest that only 6-15% of your total waste should be deposited into red bag containers. We’ll review your actual waste and look at data from your medical waste disposal invoices or manifests to determine what is currently being disposed as medical waste.
Then in Step 2: We educate your staff on proper medical waste disposal, so that everyone has the knowledge needed to reduce your medical waste.

Chances are your staff doesn’t even realize that it can cost 10 times as much to dispose of hazardous waste as it does solid waste. So we explain it to them and gain their cooperation.

We also train them on the basics, letting them know that regulated medical waste, sharps, recyclables and solid waste all have separate containers.

It may sound like something your staff already knows, but unless this information is reinforced, they will likely continue to improperly dispose of non-hazardous waste.
Finally in Step 3: We implement an action plan that includes written policies and procedures.

We also make sure that there are separate containers for all different types of waste streams and that these containers are clearly labeled and accessible.

It’s easy to reduce your medical waste and save money when you work with a medical waste disposal company that provides the support you need to make it happen.

To take the first step and schedule your free medical waste audit, just give us a call at 317-916-1800.

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