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Discover the Difference a Great Medical Waste Disposal Company Can Make

Med Monkey offers reliable, cost-effective, medical waste removal that includes red bag waste and sharps to large and small medical waste generators in Indiana.

Now there’s a viable alternative to large, national medical waste disposal companies that offer nothing but poor service, escalating prices and inescapable, long-term contracts.

Med Monkey is a LOCAL service provider that is fully compliant with all state and federal regulations. We have one of the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rates, because we offer better service and lower prices.

And when we pledge to offer better service and lower prices, it’s not the same empty platitudes you’ll hear from other service companies.
Here’s What We Mean by our Better Service and Lower Prices Pledge:

Better Service

Flexible Pickup Schedules
Our cost-effective, smaller vehicles allow us to offer flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs, not ours.
Immediate Responses From LOCAL Service Reps
When you call you’ll talk to a local service representative and we’ll provide a solution to your problem within 24 hours.
Clean-Cut Responsible Drivers
Our uniformed drivers wear a photo ID and have been trained under OSHA and DOT standards to safely handle medical waste.
Easy To Understand Invoices
You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand our one-line item invoices.

Lower Prices

Guaranteed Savings of 20% or More
If we can’t save you 20% or more over what you’re currently paying, we’ll give you a $250 Amazon Gift Card
No Hidden Fees
Our all-inclusive price means there are no hidden fees such as manifest fees, fuel surcharges or environmental fees.
No Price Increases
Unlike our competitors that raise their prices by as much as 18% every year, we guarantee in writing not to raise your prices during the term of our service agreement.
No Automatic Monthly Fees
We won’t charge you unless we actually pick up your medical waste. There are no automatic monthly fees.

Free Price Quote

We guarantee you’ll save 20% or more!
To find out how much you can save just fill in the form below:
Medical Waste Disposal

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with our service, let us know and we’ll make it right. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your service fee.
Medical Waste Disposal

Stuck in a Bad Contract?

If you’re not happy with your medical waste disposal company and you’d like to explore other options, just give us a call. We’ll give you a free price quote and if you qualify, we’ll even help pay your contract termination fees.
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Medical Waste Disposal

The Secret Pricing Strategy Your Medical Waste Disposal Company Hopes You’ll Never Uncover

Believe it or not some medical waste disposal companies use a secret algorithm to determine how much money they’re going to charge you. That means you could be paying up to three times as much as the exact same facility across town.
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Medical Waste Disposal

Get a Free $250 Amazon Gift Card if We Can’t Save You 20% or More on Your Medical Waste Service

We’re so confident your medical waste disposal company’s prices are that much higher than ours, we’ll give you a $250 Amazon Gift Card if we can’t beat their prices by 20% or more.
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